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Jun 30 / Michael

Ducklings Hatched

Our first ever home-incubated batch of ducklings hatched this week.  We got 24 eggs from our friends Kim and Andy.  I was able to fit 23 into my Brinsea.  The eggs go for 28 days, with lockdown (no more turning) after the 25th day.  These eggs started hatching exactly on time, and they all came out quickly, over the course of less than 24 hours.

Ancona Ducklings Hatched

We’re very excited about this breed, too.  They are Ancona, a wonderful dual-purpose (eggs + meat) duck.

Ancona Ducklings Hatched

They’ll be inside for a little while, but we’ll get them on the pond as soon as we can, probably with a protected water run like we’ve done in the past.

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