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May 30 / Michael

Ducks Back on the Pond

Ancona Ducks

Owing to the our generous friends Andy and Kim, we’ve finally got ducks back on the pond (Ancona).  It’s been a trying several years, with weather and predator issues hurting our efforts to reestablish our flock.  It has been at least two summers since we’ve had waterfowl on the pond with regularity.

I got a couple of dozen fertilized eggs to hatch in my Brinsea and they were thinning a bit so I also got three adults, a drake and two hens.  I’ll update progress on the eggs, but I just started them today and they take 28 days (7 days longer than chicken eggs).  This puts their hatch date around June 26.  I’ve never hatched duck eggs, so I’m interested in the new challenge.

The ducks took quickly to the pond.  I’ve got a fenced “water run” for them until they figure out how to get in and out of their new home.  That should keep them happy and safe from predators.

Ancona Duck Eggs in Incubator

Ancona Ducks on Pond

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