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Mar 28 / Michael

Spring Calves

We had two calves born in March, a bull born to Sweet Mamma (our Dexter) and a heifer born to Buttermilk (our Dexter-Belted Galloway cross). We named the bull ‘Lucky’ because he had lax tendons when he was born, and we didn’t think he’d make it. On the advice of our veterinarian, we gave him a BO-SE (Selenium and Vitamin E) injection and helped him nurse for several days by literally holding him under his mother. He’s really bounced back and his legs have strengthened and he looks almost completely normal now. The heifer was named ‘Marshmallow’ by our 5 year old. She’s all black. He explains this by saying she’s like a burned marshmallow.

Sweet Mamma and Lucky

Sweet Mamma and Lucky, nursing on his own

Buttermilk and Marshmallow

Buttermilk and Marshmallow, just born


Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter!

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