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Jan 3 / Michael

New Rabbit Hutches

Happy New Year visitor!  Our existing rabbit hutches were pretty worn down and in massive need of refurbishment.  They are “outdoor” hutches that we’ve moved into the grow tunnel each winter for the last several years.  This year, I decided to build a set of “indoor” hutches to put in the grow tunnel so we won’t have to move them back and forth each year.  In the spring, I’ll refurbish the outdoor hutches.

Rabbit Hutches 001

Laying out the materials (2x3s) for the hutches

Rabbit Hutches 002

After assembly, attaching the wire mesh

Rabbit Hutches 003

Transporting the hutches to the grow tunnel

Rabbit Hutches 004

Hutches in place. I decided to just use saw horses for legs, seemed very convenient.

Rabbit Hutches 005

Rabbits happy and cozy in their new hutches

This was pretty easy to build. I may actually build a two-cage version if we need a couple more openings for rabbits, but this frees up a lot of space for other purposes, too, like chicken/duck brooding.

We wish the greatest happiness on everyone for the New Year!

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