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Aug 20 / Michael

Finishing Cow and Goat Skulls

Almost two years ago we got a bull to breed our girls.  Turned out that one of our girls (“Bossy Mama”) was mean to him and nearly ran him off, so she ended up at the butcher that very week.  (You can read more about that in our Where’s the Beef? post.)  When we got her skull back, we hung it in the woods with a couple of goat skulls.

First, a bit of eye bleach, some recent spoils of the garden.

Spoils of the Garden

We realize that some of these images may be disturbing to our visitors, so we’re making the “worst” of them hidden by default, click to reveal if you wish…

This is the fresh skull, with skin removed.

Hanging in a tree.

The rest of the images aren’t too bad, so we’ll go ahead and show them.

After two years it looked like this and we needed to figure out something to do with the skulls.  We decided to clean and whiten them.  We’d thought about using chlorine bleach, but then after some research decided to use hydrogen peroxide, as described on BoneLust.

Cow skull after 2 years

Cow skull after 2 years

Here’s the cow skull with the three goat skulls we were also processing.

Cow and goat skulls

Jamie sorted through the random bones (jaws, etc).

Sorting the cow and goat bones

And M helped with the water.

Filling the bucket

We’re going to leave them to fester in a bucket of water for at least a couple of weeks. Then we’ll finish them in a hydrogen peroxide bath to whiten them.

Random cow and goat bones

The whole skulls are in a big blue bucket, with the top sealed by a garbage bag. I can only imagine the foulness in there.

Cow and goat heads stewing

Check back in a couple weeks where we hope to show the finished skulls.

Here’s another “cute” image, our resident garden spider.

Spider in the Garden

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