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Dec 15 / Jamie

Christmas Confections


We are in full-on holiday mode right now!  We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving and have been decorating the house and making things merry.


Yesterday we spent the entire day with our friend Amanda making all sorts of confections.  We followed the same recipes we used in this post from 2011 and added in a few new treats.  And just in case anyone has any illusions that our children are perfect little elves, if you could hear the background in these pictures you would get to listen in on sibling arguments, Mario Kart, and a whole stream of Taylor Swift videos playing on YouTube.  We really are people who make big messes and sometimes have short tempers, but when it is all said and done, we have a lot of laughs and share a lot of love.  We are also really good at cleaning things up.  We think it is all worth the cost.

We started out making marshmallows.  They are always a favorite and come out so good.  We wrapped them in parchment paper and they look like Christmas Crackers.

Next we made fudge that we actually cooked too long and it was crumbly.  So, we turned some of it into fudgy cake truffles that turned out beautifully and added the rest to a batch of granola.  We made a second batch of fudge that was perfect.

We made two kinds of almonds, candied and spiced.  They always come out so well.  We also made peanut brittle, something we have been doing for the past 15 years.

Two new things we added were bacon caramels and peppermint bark.  All in all it was a great day and we can’t wait to share these delicious treats with friends and family 🙂


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    jenny / Dec 16 2014

    looks like fun. merry christmas

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