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Feb 3 / Jamie



I feel like January and February are some of the most creative months for us.  The garden and livestock are all in hibernation mode (mostly, the exception being the new lambs).  The weather is cold and gray and sometimes white.  And so, we turn to making and creating and adding vibrant color to our lives.


Miss C got a sewing machine from Santa last Christmas.  She has been working on perfecting her seams and if anyone needs a pincushion or coffee coaster, let me know.  She sells them for a hug each 😉  She and I have also been working on a project each day.  We made a few pillows for her room and then have been making monsters.  Each one was completely designed by C and then stitched by me.  It is harder than it might seem to turn her drawings into three dimensional stuffed toys.  Today we made the blue turtle monster and she was SO happy.  I might try to make another tomorrow and give it a different head-to-body ratio (bigger head, smaller body).  C has also been making drawings, frames, and pot holder looms.  And, about eleventy bazillion loom bracelets. She also took a felt bunting we made last year and turned it into a mobile for her room.  I love the way it looks, like bubbles in the ocean.



Morgan also got in on the action.  He has been really into stories about zombies lately, so this is a zombie monster with three eyes and blood.  Fun times 😉


Apparently making weird looking things is a ‘thing’ for us. Here is a set of zombie princesses vs. cavemen we made in the fall.


I hope you find some time to make something or enjoy something lovely that was made with the amazing artistic eye of a child.

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