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Apr 27 / Michael

Wild Spring Meal

It felt like spring would never come this year.  Finally, all of the trees and flowers are starting to bloom and the world is turning greener every day.

Spring Harvest

Harvesting dandelions

Catching Fish

We love making meals from food we raise.  We love making meals from food we find even more.  Today we had a lovely wild lunch.  I made a nettle soup (2 qts chicken stock, 1 large basket of nettles, one onion; boiled and then pureed; salt, pepper, nutmeg), dandelion tempura, and two tiny fish nuggets from a Calico Bass that the big boys caught today.  We also had fresh bread, a salad with asparagus from the garden, and some baked sweet potatoes.

Calico bass

Tempur dandelions

Wild Meal

It was a great lunch on a lovely day and a nice way to start the growing season.


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  1. 1
    Sharon / Apr 28 2013

    I want that tempura recipe! That’s awesome.

    • 1.1
      Jamie / May 5 2013

      One egg, one cup water, one cup flour (we used wheat, you can use anything), one tsp baking powder. Mix thoroughly. Dip, fry, consume!

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