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Dec 30 / Michael

Late December Snowy Farm

Rainbow After Snow

A wonderful snow rainbow

While technically we had a “white” Christmas this year (we had a dusting that was gone by early afternoon), we don’t think it really counted.  Luckily for this group of snow-lovers, a perfectly-situated Nor’easter came through yesterday that dumped about a foot of fluffy snow on us just in time for a white New Year!  Sometimes when Nor’easters come through, they begin or end with rain or sleet.  This time was perfect — snow from beginning to end and no slushy mess.

We didn’t have much snow last year — we had snow at Halloween and again in January, but that was it.  Two years ago we had tons of snow, and I was having a clutch problem with my tractor (the clutch plate was slipping, I fixed it with an adjustment to the clutch pedal) so I wasn’t able to effectively move the snow around.  This year, with the tractor in tip-top shape, I cleared all the snow off of the driveway and then cleared snow paths to the coop and barn and made paths for the ducks and geese and piles of snow for the kids (they love building snow forts).  I even got a chance to go over to our neighbor’s house and clear a bit for her, but she’d already done most of her own driveway.

There’s something cathartic about pushing snow around and putting it into big piles.  Like a giant sandbox with motorized equipment.  I even plugged in my car seat heater so my tush was warm while I was “working” — too bad my fingers and toes were cold.  Small price to pay.

Enjoy the snow!

Farm After the Snow

Cleared path to barn

Farm After the Snow

Cleared in front of coop for the poultry

Farm After the Snow

Sheep in the snow by the barn

Farm After the Snow

Cows in the barn enjoying hay and grain

Farm After the Snow

Snowy pond

Fun in the Snow

Zsaka enjoying the snow

Fun in the Snow

The kiddos by their snow fort


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  1. 1
    jenny / Dec 30 2012

    looks like a lot of work jamie…certainly is beautiful

  2. 2
    Elizabeth / Jan 13 2013

    Must be hard work but your place looks wonderful. Elizabeth

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