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Nov 5 / Michael

Superstorm Sandy

Last year, we lost power for 7 days after Irene.  In 2011, Connecticut was also hit by the Halloween Nor’easter.  We lost power for a couple hours during that storm, but friends of ours were out of power for 10 days (that storm proved to be the largest power outage ever in Connecticut with 830,000 customers without power).

When Sandy barreled through early last week, we were prepared for the worst (personally, I was putting our over/under at 7 days without power).  We also had a generator in place and a stash of fuel in the garage, so we were in much better shape than last year.  Power went out the afternoon of Monday, October 29 and came back on the afternoon of Thursday, November 1; just about 3 days without power.  During that time I took screenshots of the CL&P Outage Map and created an animation showing how the outages propagated and were restored over the last week.

Down near NYC (Southwestern CT, New Jersey, Long Island), there are tons of people without power right at this moment.  Gas stations can’t pump gas because they either don’t have supply or don’t have power.  We can only hope that power is restored for everyone soon.

The other issue further south is the sheer destruction that the storm surge and flooding has caused.  Some areas may take months to fully recover.  If you are able, please consider helping the storm victims now.

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