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Oct 29 / Jamie

The calm before the storm that is Sandy

Prepping for Sandy

As many of you know, an unprecedented storm is making its way to the East coast as I type.  Last hear we had Irene and the Autumn Nor’easter.  This year, both types of weather systems have collided, during a full moon no less, and the result is going to be something for the history book.

We have spent the past three days prepping.  All of our “winter” animal tasks have been completed.  We moved the rabbits into the grow tunnel, fixed up the stalls for the sheep and cows in the barn, and stowed everything that was loose.  We checked on the bees, but found that there was not enough honey in the supers worth harvesting.  Inside, we made a huge batch of pork stock and lard from the pigs we had taken last weekend to the butcher.  All of the fresh cuts are in the freezer, and everything to be cured was taken to Noack’s.  We have a generator this year, so all should be well.  Hopefully the storm will be gentle, but all predictions seem to suggest otherwise.  We hope you all weather this storm safely, I will leave you with a set of pictures we took of the farm today and yesterday.  Hopefully tomorrow it will look much the same.


Prepping for Sandy

Prepping for Sandy
Sunday Night, the house looks so safe and warm
Prepping for Sandy
The Pond

Prepping for Sandy
The Garden

Prepping for Sandy
The coop and woods
Prepping for Sandy
Jamie doing one last check on the animals

Yours fondly,

Jamie and Mike and crew



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  1. 1
    Michael / Oct 29 2012

    Power outages are just beginning in Connecticut…

    Sandy Begins!

  2. 2
    Jenny / Oct 29 2012

    fingers are crossed for a gentle storm Jamie. be safe and well. thinking about you.

  3. 3
    Tim Allen / Oct 29 2012

    Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

  4. 4
    Michael / Oct 29 2012

    Finally lost power, 5:30pm… Canterbury was at 12% outage when we lost power and the map looked significantly worse than this morning.

    Finally lost power

  5. 5
    Michael / Nov 1 2012

    Power back up this afternoon (~2:30pm) after just about three days out. Glad we’re back online!

    Power back up!

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