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Sep 23 / Jamie

September in Review

I am not really sure how it is possible that this is the last week in September, but it is!  Our lives have resumed a more regular rhythm since the summer ended, but it is still pretty full of life as we head into the fall.  Here is a round-up of all the things we did in the last month.


Quilts for kids

In August I made three quilts for the CT Children’s Medical Center.  I made these in conjunction with the 100 Quilts for Kids Project sponsored by Katie at Swim, Bike, Quilt!  Last year I made two quilts, and each year I hope to make one more to donate.  I also won a quilt in a raffle from a friend, so I was able to drop off four quilts to the hospital, two baby sized one and two toddler sized ones.  Next year I also plan to drop off a teen/big-kid sized quilt.

Quilts for kids

Swim, Bike, Quilt

I made myself this wooden handled purse, following this pattern from Ellen at The Long Thread.  The fabric is from Storybook Lane by Ever Kelly.  I LOVE how it came out and plan to make a few more as gifts.

Wooden Handle Purse

I have been doing a fair bit of garment sewing for myself as well.  Not anything I am ready to show just yet.  I have gotten a few McCalls and Vogue patterns for draped jersey tops and dresses.  I also got the latest Alabama Chanin book and I can say it is by far the best yet, and that is saying a lot because I LOVE her books.


The garden was severely neglected in August as Mike was out of town and I had too much going on to keep it well tended.  Even so, we have continued to harvest a few baskets of food each week, namely peppers, eggplants, corn, tomatoes, and greens.  This week the kids and I also harvested all of the squash and pumpkins.  Looks like we will have a lot of pie making coming up!

We have picked a few more fruits from our trees and berry bushes, but nothing major.  We are starting to think about moving some of them next year and also putting in some landscaping plants.


The animals are all pretty good.  We have a large flock of ducks and geese after such a successful breeding season this year.  We have really been enjoying getting a lot of eggs again from our newest flock of laying hens.  Our meat chickens will be ready for butchering in a few weeks, but we are worried our turkeys will not be big enough for Thanksgiving.  Pigs go to the butcher in the end of October, our one wether cross lamb left from last years breeding goes in December, and one of our heifers goes in January.  We decided to not bring in a bull this summer, but next summer, we will get one and breed our two mommas and the daughter as well and then sell her as a bred heifer.  We may also get a steer for our meat for 2014.  We need to check on the bees and see if they have any honey for us and just this morning we had a new kit of rabbits born and another momma who was busy making a nest for babies.

Our Flock

We have wood stacked for winter, but we need to get motivated to get hay in the barn.  Last year we had some issues with the hay and the animals not wanting to eat it, so instead of getting it all from one source, we are going to get 50 bales from each of 4 or 5 sources.



Our lives have been wonderful and full.  September means getting back into a regular rhythm with classes and school and soccer and such.  This year we are really trying to get out and about as much as we can as well, hiking the local trails and attending many local festivals.  It feels like most of the farming tasks and chores are now running smoothly and on auto-pilot.  We have learned what is worth our time and what is not and that leaves us more time to enjoy the other wonderful things in our area.  We feel pretty happy with the current balance we have obtained.  I have no doubt that things will continue to shift and change as our family grows and evolves, but for right now we are all happy and that is a very good thing.

Fairy House

Wishing you much happiness and love!

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    Jenny / Sep 24 2012

    busy busy busy as a bee Jamie!! everything looks great.

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