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Aug 29 / Jamie

DIY Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization Wall

After getting Miss C’s room nicely decorated, I decided it was time I work on getting something nice up in our room.  I have a small, but meaningful collection of jewelry that includes a number of pieces that belonged to my paternal grandmother.  She was an amazing woman, graduating from NYU as a CPA during the 1970s after raising her three boys.  My parents have commented *many* times how I am just like her.  She passed away during my freshman year of college, and my sister and I inherited her large collection of jewelry.  Many of the pieces are things I wouldn’t wear, certainly not on a daily basis, but they are things I love to look at.

After doing a quick Google search for “DIY jewelry organization” I found this post.  I thought all of the different projects were so lovely, and in classic “Jamie” style, I decided the only thing for me to do was to make one of everything.  The kids and I started assembling supplies.  I have a number of old frames hanging about, and since we live on a farm, there are always spare pieces of 1/4″ square wire, burlap, and pegboard.  I raided the pantry and gathered anything I thought would look good spray-painted.  I was needing to clean out a bunch of staples anyway after a huge food-moth infestation this summer, so the timing was prefect.

The kids helped me paint, glue, and spray to my hearts content.  We used garbanzo beans, lentils, and sesame seeds.  I had leftover gold and silver spray paint from the holidays.  The kids also made themselves some frames and we painted pasta as well.  I am so pleased with how everything turned out.  We got it done in one day and Mike even helped me hang everything that night.  I wanted to wait to put all of the jewelry up until the next day so I could get some good shots in the daylight.  I just laid in bed staring at my lovely wall feeling like a piece of Pinterest fell into my bedroom.

Jewelry Organization Wall
Here is a shot with everything in place.  The wire was perfect for earrings, the pegboard for necklaces, and the burlap for pins.  The wooden boxes and photo albums were from Mike’s paternal grandparents.  The two flower prints are some screen printing samples from the 1960s that I picked up in an estate sale.  I LOVE those colors and we have a large floor pillow in our library in the same print.
Jewelry Organization Wall
We picked up this mirror during our honeymoon in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Jewelry Organization Wall
All of the pieces in the silver frame (sesame seeds sprayed silver) are my grandmothers.  I really love the cameos.
Jewelry Organization Wall
I love that the girls in the necklaces are wearing necklaces.
Jewelry Organization Wall
My stud earrings worked perfectly in the burlap frame (garbanzos painted gold).
Jewelry Organization Wall
This ring was something my grandmother always wore. I am not a huge ring person, but I love looking at it.
Jewelry Organization Wall
My brother found this skull in the fields around a home they were renting at the time in Maryland.  It has been sitting on my dresser for over a decade.  I love skulls and I am glad to be able to use this one fucntionally.
Jewelry Organization Wall
The afternoon light hits this piece perfectly (lentils painted gold).  These are the necklaces that I wear on a daily basis.  Most are from Ten Thousand Villages and H & M.
Jewelry Organization Wall
And here is a picture of the color spectrum quilt that hangs on our wall by my closet.  It is far from perfect, being one of the first quilting projects I tackled, but looking at it makes me really happy.
Spectrum Quilt

Nothing makes me happier than making my space more functional and lovely.  Double bonus for doing this with items entirely from our home.


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  1. 1
    Jen / Aug 29 2012

    Looks amazing, I love how beautiful the pieces look together.

  2. 2
    sarah / Aug 29 2012

    It looks exactly like a piece of pinterest fell into your bedroom! Very impressive. I love how you mixed such different elements and got such a cohesive end result!

  3. 3
    Jenny / Aug 31 2012

    jamie you have been so busy! good for you to pretty up your own space as well as your daughters!!

  4. 4
    wendy / Sep 15 2012

    he he, I love how you made one of each!! That’s the kind of thing I’d do.. if I ever got myself into gear!

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