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Aug 21 / Jamie

A Room of Her Own

Our big project of the summer has been transferring Miss C into her very own room.  She has been bunking with us since she was born and sharing closet space with her big brother.  Since she turned five this year, we knew it was time for her to have her very own space.  Our house has three bedrooms, and previously, one had been Mike’s office.  Since our master bedroom in enormous (really, they should have made it into two rooms) we moved his office into our room, since it never really got any action during the day anyway.


We began the whole process by painting her walls “pinky-purple”.  We used Behr 690C Pink Amour and it is amazing how in the sunlight it looks purple, but in artificial it looks pink.  We scavanged furniture from other rooms, and the only thing we needed to buy was her bed and mattress (Tromso from IKEA).

New paint for a new room

All summer long I have been making things for her room, and it is complete, at least for now.  Please enjoy the tour!

If you walk in her room, directly across from you is the window overlooking the back yard.  I followed this tutorial by Angela at Cut to Pieces blog to cover her roller shade with Heather Ross Wildflowers in white from Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries.  I was so excited to find yardage of this print from a store online last year for regular retail prices. I used all but a few scraps, and I love the way it came out.  Underneath the window, she has a little table with some of her favorite toys.  You can see the bucket full of doll clothes we have been making the last few weeks.

Fabric covered roller shade.

Next you can see her desk. It is really a table, maybe someday we will give her a proper desk, but for now this works. We mounted some cork boards to her wall and we plan to put shelves above it.


This cradle and the Barbies in it were her birthday gift.  I made all of the clothes, and the pink dress on the far right was made by Miss C and I on her birthday.  I followed the amazing tutorials on the Craftiness is Not Optional blog.

Birthday Barbies

Next is her closet. It doesn’t have too much in it right now, but I am sure that will change as she gets older. Our cat Marty LOVES to sleep on her dirty clothes basket and has subsequently squished it flat. I love the bunting made from French General Le Petite Ecole and the rack of homemade clothes.


I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of her mama-made clothes. I have made her a few things this summer, most notably, this dress and this Crafty Chloe bubble skirt.


Next is the door, next to which I have hung the sampler that I finished last year. I finally took it to be professionally framed and I love the way it turned out.

Unicorn Sampler

On the other side of the door is her bunk bed.

Bunk Bed

On top is her Peacock Lane quilt and pillowcase. Also, the bear I had since I was a girl. On the bottom is her collection of baby dolls. She likes to “decorate” them. I would love to get some Madrona Road and maybe make a quilt for the bottom bunk similar to the one on top.

Top Bunk

Next to her bed is her bookshelf and our large rocking chair. We do stories in here with the kids at night, and as long as we continue with that, she can keep the chair. I love the Heather Ross fabrics framed in embroidery hoops and the Snow White clock. I think they are perfect for a little girl, but sophisticated enough that she can keep them up for a long time to come. On the chair is a Heather Ross quilt, the first one I made with her fabrics. I can’t believe how brazen I was to use all of them right away, but I love the way it came out and it gets tons of love from my kids.

Reading chair


Here is a close-up view of the fabric hoops.

Heather Ross Embroidery Hoops


And here is a link to the embroidered clock tutorial that I had featured as part of the Sew-Less summer series at Cut to Pieces.

Embroidered Clock Tutorial
That brings us back around to where we started. I hope you enjoyed your tour.  Her room might not be magazine worthy, but she loves it and that is all that matters to this mama!


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  1. 1
    Jamie lee / Aug 21 2012

    What a fantastic room furnished with tons of love!

  2. 2
    jenny / Aug 21 2012

    it looks wonderful! and such a great idea to stretch it out over the summer months to finish! and oddly enough, our master bedroom is ginormous too! we moved the ‘office’ in there a few years ago… give me a room to myself for sewing. yes, i am spoiled in that… 🙂

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