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Jul 22 / Jamie

The garden is in full force!

Sweet helper

Last year was pretty devastating for us with respect to the garden.  It was an off year weather wise, rather cool and wet, but the worst part was having the sheep break in one day and eat most of our plants to the ground.  By the end of the season, we gave up all hope of a decent harvest and we moved our pigs into the garden as their penned area had flooded from all of the rain.

Late July garden

This year, we had a renewed desire to make the garden as good as we could.  We have been ratcheting up our efforts with regards to eating well and getting plenty of exercise.  What better task than gardening; you get tons of exercise, both cardiovascular and strengthening and then you get tons of healthy veggies!  We have been much better about weeding and spacing and planning and it has paid off.  For the past few weeks, we have probably pulled in between 50-100lbs of produce a week.  Right now we are getting cucumbers, zucchini, beans, peppers, kale, collards, chard, lettuce, potatoes, turnips, and rutabaga,  We have been preserving as much as we can and giving away bags filled with veggies to our friends.

Late-July Garden

Late July garden

Last night we dug up our two rows of potatoes and then today we tilled and replanted that space with lettuce, carrots, turnips, and more beans.  Hopefully this will extend our harvest well into the fall.

Our potato harvest

New row

The next big crop we are waiting on is our corn.  It looks like in a few weeks, we should have tons of ears ready to eat!

Corn leaf

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