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May 25 / Jamie

And the winner(s) is. . .

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and checked out our blog.  I certainly wish that I could send each and every one of you a pouch, but if you don’t win, maybe you can make one for yourself following my tutorial.  If you do, please give me some feedback and link to a picture, I love seeing how everyone customizes their project.

It has been so interesting reading about your different styles and getting to see some of your “signature” projects.  As much as I would have loved to respond to each comment, spring time on the farm is incredibly busy and it just wasn’t possible.  I did read every one, though.

For the last two Giveaway Days, I have featured one prize, but then ended up sending out three; the main one and then two smaller versions to two additional people.  This time, I told myself I wasn’t going to do that.  And then, my sister came to stay with us for the long weekend, brining with her a huge duffle of sewing notions.  She works for Dyno Merchandise, LLC., the distributor of all of the Singer sewing notions in the US.  They are putting out new quilting specific products, many of which I have tested (they are great, I especially love the pins and machine needles, you can find them in any big box retailer very soon).  These are the samples that were used when checking packaging, taking pictures, etc. I plan to donate many of the items to a few local charities like I did after she visited last Thanksgiving.

There is no way that I can sit here and not share in the tremendous bounty that I have just received.


So, here is the big winner!

So, I will be making two custom pouches for Holly Walsh.  Here is what she had to say about her style,

“Actually, my style is a lot like the the pictured pouches! Very Denyse Schmidt – bold prints, often natural elements of leaves and flowers, birds, fish in trendy high contrast, yet muted colors. Charmingly modern-retro and very graphic.”

Well, that will certainly be easy for me to do!

I will fill her pouches with as many notions as I can fit in addition to some fabric scraps and wool.

And my two runners-up:

Additionally, I will be sending out two more bundles to Meredith and Mary.  I hope that they enjoy all of the surprise goodies they receive!

It was amazing to me to see what numbers popped up, I guess it just shows that it it never too late to enter!

I have sent the three of you emails, please respond ASAP.  If I don’t here from them by Monday morning, I will just draw some more random numbers.

So you can put a face to the name, here is a picture of me “sharing” a potato chip with my favorite ewe, Francis. Anyone who knows sheep and meets my girl knows that she is one in a million.  No animal has a kinder heart or is a more protective mother and she and I are indeed kindred spirits.


Oh, my!

Much Love!!

Jamie @Terrabyte Farm



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  1. 1
    Mary / May 25 2012

    Thanks Jamie! You’ve made my day. (Better late than never apparently!)

  2. 2
    Meredith / May 25 2012

    Yeah, me too!! And I can’t believe this picture, what a cute sheep! Do they like potato chips?

    • 2.1
      Jamie / May 26 2012

      They love anything crunchy and salty, chips, crackers, pretzels, etc.

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