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May 21 / Jamie

SMS Giveaway Day!


Winner is #314, Holly Walsh. Bonus Winner #380 and #312, Meredith and Mary.  I have emailed all of the winners.

Welcome to everyone visiting for the Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day extravaganza!  My name is Jamie and I live with my family in Eastern CT, on a 13-acre homestead that we have named Terrabyte Farm.  Almost four years ago we ditched suburban life and moved to the country.  We have three children, a dog, two cats, and a whole barnyard full of animals.  We raise our own meat, vegetables, and fruit using a combination of old-fashioned wisdom and modern technology.  In addition to being a mother and a farmer, I LOVE to create things.  I would love for you to check out some of my creations, and maybe even stop back by when you have more time.  I blog not only about sewing, but also about everything related to having a modern homestead and raising and preserving your own food.  I am also on Flickr and Pinterest, in both places as terrabytefarm.  (If you are impatient, just scroll down to the bottom of the post for the giveaway details, go on, I don’t mind ;))

A pouch for me!

I loved participating in the last two SMS Giveaway Days (May 2011 and December 2011) as a host and also as a participant.  In the December event, I was lucky enough to win quite a bit of swag.  I love getting to visit new blogs and I really have fun reading the answers to all of the questions.  Previously, I have asked people to share their opinions of farms with me and to talk about their favorite creation from the past year.


This summer marks the end of the second full year that I have been seriously sewing.  I started sewing as a little girl, but two summers ago, two of my friends introduced me to the fabrics of the talented Heather Ross, and I quickly fell in love with the world of modern fabrics and the online sewing community.  Now that I have a few years under my belt, I am starting to feel like I am developing my own personal style.
I have noticed a few trends.  The color red/pink plays a prominent role in pretty much most of my quilts.  I prefer bright true colors, but also love acidy colors (Hope Valley, for example).  In fact, I have two color combos that I frequently use (red/orange/yellow) or (red/blue/green).  But, I always love a good color-spectrum piece. As far as fabric, I gravitate towards geometric prints, especially if they are tone-on-tone.  I love patchwork squares most of all.  I love 1/4″ straight-line quilting.  When I make kids clothes and bags, they tend to be fairly simple in construction.  Denyse Schmidt is my favorite designer and I have made several quilts from her collections.  Everything I make is meant to be used, worn, and well-loved.  I am sure that over the my style will continue to evolve and solidify.  I want someone to walk into my home or see something I have made and get the feeling that it is “me”.

KJR Granny Square Quilt Top

So, what I want to know is what is your style?  Do you have a color that is “you”?  A color combo?  Do you have  style of print that you like best?  A type of block construction?  A favorite designer?  I would love to know what your style is.  If you have something that you created that you think is *perfectly* you, please feel free to share.

Two Patchwork Boxed Pouches
What will you win?  Last fall I made this pouch with my sister.  It got a fair bit of notice in bloggy-land and I had a ton of friends asking how to make it IRL.  In January I wrote up a tutorial for it. For the winner, I will make a pair of patchwork pouches in *your* personal style, similar to the ones shown above.  I will then fill those pouches with an assortment of goodies from my studio.  In addition to sewing, I do a number of fiber arts, so I will likely include some wool in several forms (yarn, roving, locks).  There will undoubtedly be fabric scraps and a few notions as well as some handmade soap.  I will try to stay true to your style, but also give you a sample of mine.



Winner is #314, Holly Walsh.

 Bonus Winner #380 and #312, Meredith and Mary.  I have emailed all of the winners.


    • All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me about your style.  You don’t have to answer each one of my questions above, but I would love to have an idea of who *you* are.  Feel free to link to a picture or blog post with an example.
    • Comments will close at 8pm EDT on May 25th.
    • I will happily ship internationally.
    • I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner.
    • I will contact the winner by 9am EST on May 26th to work out the shipping details.
    • Please make sure that if you are a no-reply blogger that you leave me your email address in your comment, otherwise I won’t know how to contact you.


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  1. 351
    Andrea / May 24 2012

    My style is urban / modern mixed with traditional / vintage. Crazy but fun.

  2. 352
    BreannaS / May 24 2012

    I enjoy Amy butler fabrics, the color green, and chickens. We moved to the country just a month ago and I cant wait to check out your blog and see what you are doing on your place. Maybe I will find some inspiration for my new home.

  3. 353
    Kaitlin M / May 24 2012

    I like a lot of different things. I prefer modern over traditional prints. I like pink and the combination of green and grey.

  4. 354
    Caroline / May 24 2012

    I like a variety (Depends on my mood ;)) Right now I’m noticing blues and greens.

  5. 355
    ambjer / May 24 2012

    my favorite color is yellow, mostly buttery and mustard-y yellows. i love yellows and grey together. plums and coral and rich pinks are other colors i really like. i like more modern prints in fabrics, and sometimes with a vintage-y feel (but not too traditional).
    thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. 356
    Carmen / May 24 2012

    I’d call my style traditional

  7. 357
    Lyanna L. / May 24 2012

    I love the spectrum of the rainbow with splashes of gray. I love modern fabrics like echo and half moon. I like graphic prints (bold designs – chevrons, scissors, houndstooth, etc.) Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  8. 358
    Valerie / May 24 2012

    Hi Jamie! Wow, this is a fun giveaway! And I like what you had to say about sense of style. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about. I feel like what I’m drawn to in quilting/fabric doesn’t necessarily blend with the style in my house. I love bright but soothing colors, like in Echo you show on the pouch-things that seem both fresh and clean as well as calming. But fun. Does that make sense?! I’m all about things being functional too …

  9. 359
    Pam / May 24 2012

    Wow, what is my style? I do know that I am drawn toward all of Sweetwater fabric lines, I like things that are clean and simple and whismical. Things that would feel right at home in a farmhouse or beach house.

    So glad I found your site. Can’t wait to explore it. I think you are living where my husband thinks I would like to live–but I married a city boy, so home is where he is.

  10. 360
    Yadira / May 24 2012

    When I started sewing I was all about fun and cute prints. These days I prefer more “grown up” prints, but rarely move to far from my favorite color combo: teal, purple and pink. In fact, there are times when pink seems to dominate everything I do. I tone it down so that my bags appeal to a wider public, but deep down I still love cutesy stuff.

  11. 361
    jill masek / May 24 2012

    We also farm so my style is very eclectic. A little country a little prim then something bright and modern then black!

  12. 362
    ikkinlala / May 24 2012

    My style is simple and subtle… sometimes even edging towards plain. I like solid colours, blenders (e.g. mottled or with small dots), and batiks, although the odd leaf print or something doesn’t hurt. I like colours found in nature (and not just on poison dart frogs) like green, blue, brown, grey, and black, but I’m not afraid to put in a bit of something brighter like red or orange to add some punch. In terms of block design I tend towards the non-representational. Sometimes that means geometric (and I do love a lot of very traditional designs, even if I don’t love the traditional fabrics), other times it means more organic shapes, but I don’t often do applique-style projects.

  13. 363
    Melissa / May 24 2012

    I love brights paired with grey. I’m also a sucker for blues & greens.
    Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  14. 364
    Minette / May 25 2012

    I love oriental, and vintage prints. Awesome giveaway. Love your story and farm life. Will enjoy following your blog!

  15. 365
    Christine Mak / May 25 2012

    I’m all over the place when it comes to style! I love red, pink, aqua and a bit of lime green together. I like bright , modern, cutsie …I’m a HUGE Heather Ross fan. I love all things gnome, and mushroom. Aneela Hoey’s fabrics are amazing but I also love Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt….Text fabrics are my latest obsession. I’m into vintagey things like pyrex, old notions, cool vintagey fabric and fun stuff hiding in nifty thrifty stores 🙂 I have an urge to paint all my furniture white….tho hubby would KILL me if I did 🙂 My style would be modern vintage I guess! LOL! Can you do that?

  16. 366
    Jennifer / May 25 2012

    My style seems very similar to yours. I love clean clear colours, modern and geometric designs. Simple botanicals. Almost anything with birds.

  17. 367
    Ytaya / May 25 2012

    I’m a brand-new quilter (and new to sewing, too), so I’m not sure that I have a style yet. Right now, I’m gravitating towards simple patterns because they’re easy (and I’m learning). I love lots of the modern prints I’m seeing around. I love blues, greens, purples. Not a big fan of pink.

  18. 368
    Nicole / May 25 2012

    Not really sure how to categorize my style, but I seem more drawn to deep, rich colors. I tend to wear a lot of blues, grays, greens. I really like all the color combinations you have in this post. I really Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  19. 369
    Blu / May 25 2012

    My style tends to solid bright colours. I love the minimalist look, but with colours. I’m a big fan of deep blues and I dislike pink (especially bright pink) and orange. I think my colourway is more of a “cool” one.

  20. 370
    Calee (@chimes) / May 25 2012

    LOVE these bags. I saw them all over the interwebs last year.

    My personal style? I love solids. I invest in a lot of pieces that are solid colors and accessorize with scarves, jewelry and other pieces that add pattern.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I always participate in giveaway day (with my own giveaway) but was traveling this time around. 🙁

  21. 371
    Trish / May 25 2012

    I come from a traditional quilting family (mother, grandmother, aunties) so that is still part of the way I quilt. I like modern quilting but I do find peace in the symmetry of the traditional blocks.

  22. 372
    Christina G. / May 25 2012

    Very cool post & lifestyle. It’s fun to have found your site. As for my style – I don’t think I really have one. I gravitate towards whatever suits me at the moment, but there is no real classification to it. However, if there is chocolate involved, I’m always happy!

  23. 373
    Josée Carrier / May 25 2012

    Thanks for the giveaway! I just love those boxy pouches. I saw earlier this year when I was looking for some tutorials to do some. My style, well I love small prints or solid colors, I like simple block construction and I particularly love grey and green together even though I didn’t make anything in those color yet. Here a mini-quilt I designed that represents me well:

  24. Hi! 🙂 I love “autumn” colors and my favorite fabric designers are Anna Marie Horner and Joel Dewberry. My taste in clothing tends to be “boho” but my home is decorated in traditional style.

  25. 375
    Robyn G / May 25 2012

    My favorite color is yellow and bright colors. I also like them mixed with grays and black. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. 376
    Aida / May 25 2012

    I’m quite new to sewing and feel I haven’t developed my own style yet, but I tend to gravitate towards modern fabrics and vivid colours. I also love fabrics and designs that are funny and have some homour in them!

  27. 377
    Fiona Gregory / May 25 2012

    Ooo I have just discovered that linens are ME by joining in the Zakka Style Sew-Along.

  28. 378
    natalie / May 25 2012

    my style is natural, nature-inspired simplicity. I love homemade items and doing my own creating. Ithink the best way to describe my style is simple and clean.

  29. 379
    Ana / May 25 2012

    I am a very simple person So I have to say my style is very straight.

  30. 380
    Meredith / May 25 2012

    I don’t have a style yet either! But I do like things with a lot of colors, and drool over all the modern quilts online and in my magazines 🙂

  31. 381
    cheri / May 25 2012

    My style is casual, simple…earthy. 🙂

    But, I love sewing frilly and silly for dd!

  32. 382
    Donna / May 25 2012

    I would describe my style as modern whimsical. Your zippered pouches are way cool! Thanks for the chance to win something fab.

  33. 383
    Meghan / May 25 2012

    I really like the lotta jansdotter fabric or vintage linens. Thanks!

  34. 384
    Jamie / May 25 2012


  35. 385
    Maureen / May 26 2012

    Just wanted to say thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway and to congratulate all the winners. I am so glad to have found your blog!

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