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Apr 25 / Jamie

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Have you seen the Kids Clothes Week Challenge on the Elsie Marley blog?  For one week, she challenges people to spend an hour a day sewing for their kids.  While this is not fully possible for me as it is also the last week of classes (I teach a course every semester at out local University) I have found a few hours this week to do some sewing for the kids (alright, fine, really just Miss C so far).

Pants for Miss C

So far, I have made her two new skirts, two “up-cycled skirts”, and three pairs of short-pants as we like to call them here.  I have been going through everyone’s drawers and closets performing my twice-a-year seasonal/too small clothing swap.  Big J seems to be fine, as does Babay M, considering I still have all of his big brother’s clothes as hand-me-downs, but the Miss is in need of some more attire.

Two skirts

Two new skirts

Before I head to the store for a few basics, I want to try to make as much as I can.  What she mostly needs are t-shirts and a few more cotton-jersey shorts.  Also, a few nightgowns.  It is just so easy to make clothes for her at this age and with my serger, I really have no excuses.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have knocked out at least three shirts and one nightgown to add to what I have already made.  She still has tons of shirred sundresses from last year that still fit, thankfully.  I think I will also likely make Baby M a few more pairs of pants, he lives in the three pictured below, I think he looks so adorable when wearing them.  Also, I doubt I will make anything for Big J this week, but maybe he and I can do some printing on t-shirts for the summer.

Pants for Baby M

Baby M

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  1. Good luck with your list! I love what you made so far! Stop by and link this up to Make It Wear It, a weekly blog link up for all things made to be worn, at

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