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Apr 22 / Michael

A dry, dry Spring

Our weather has been so topsy turvy the last several years.   Since we moved to our farm three and a half years ago, we’re not sure what’s normal.   This spring we have been experiencing severe drought conditions.  Winter basically didn’t exist this year and we never had a mud season either.

Pond from April 2011

Our pond last year, April 2011

Pond from April 2012

Our pond this year, April 2012

At least the ducks and the geese still have enough water to swim around in.

Our fruit trees are also a little bit sadder this spring, though not terrible.  They were overflowing last year and are must less numerous this year.  Compare these shots.

New blossoms and shoots

Spring blossoms last year, April 2011

Apple blossoms April 2012

Spring blossoms this year, April 2012

Lastly, we’ve don’t’ have any baby lambs yet. It could be that we had an inexperienced ram, but we’re still hopeful for baby lambs before the weather gets too hot.

Miss C and her bummer lamb

Baby lamb from April 2011

As soon as we have baby lambs (if we have baby lambs), we’ll post here.

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