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Jan 24 / Jamie

Hideaway Quilt for Baby M

Hideaway Patchwork Quilt

There is something so perfect about a simple patchwork square quilt.  It seems like an unwritten rule for children’s books illustrators that if there is a scene involving a bed, it is covered with a patchwork square quilt.  They are like the chicken soup of quilts.  Their entire purpose is for comfort, love, and well-being.  To make one is a simple process.  There is no difficult cutting or piecing.  There is some room for creativity with the choice of colors and layout of the squares, but you can just as easily throw them all into a paper bag and pull each one out at random.

Hideaway WIP

My goal over the next couple of years is to make a patchwork squares quilt for each member of our family.  I thought I would start off my 2012 quilts with a patchwork quilt for our youngest.  It was a good way to ease me back into quilting after the rush of the holidays.  Also, he is the only one in the family who does not have his “own” quilt yet.

Hideaway Patchwork Quilt

When I saw the Hideaway line by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda, I knew it would be perfect for his quilt.  The colors are bright and cheery, just like M.  I thought it would be sweet enough for him for now, but also something that he could keep forever and never “grow out of”.  I picked up three charm packs (packs of 42, 5″ precut squares) and then added in enough Kona solids in Banana, Robin Egg, and Rich Red, to make a quilt that was 12 x 14 squares (a total of 168 squares, the 126 charm squares plus 42 solids).  For the back, I decided to keep it simple and used the green clocks print also from the Hideaway line.  For the binding, I took a lesson from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.  I love her bright and bold patchwork quilts, and she frequently binds them with black and white striped binding.  I didn’t have stripes, but I had this fantastic polka dot print from Lecien and I think it was perfect.

Hideaway Patchwork Quilt

I used some Pellon cotton batting that was a Christmas present (I told everyone I wanted batting, basting spray, and thread).  The quilting was pretty simple, I used wavy lines like in many of my other quilts, going over each seam.  I think it gives enough texture without taking away from the loveliness of the squares.  After washing and drying, the quilt came out looking perfect and crinkly. The kids couldn’t wait to snuggle up under it to do stories.

Hideaway Patchwork Quilt

Sometimes I sew because I want to feel creative.  Sometimes I sew because I want to challenge myself and refine my skills.  Sometimes I sew because I want to make something very specific and special for someone I love.  This was a case of the last reason.


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  1. 1
    Sew Create It - Jane / Jan 24 2012

    It is fabulous! Isn’t it the best feeling when a quilt fresh from the dryer gets pressed into service :o)

    • 1.1
      Jamie / Jan 30 2012

      Unquestioningly! I think this is why I love making quilts so much, it is nice to know that what you make is loved and appreciated!

  2. 2
    mo / Jan 29 2012

    I love that photo of your kids all snuggled under your beautiful quilt. That is the best reason to make things, I think!

    • 2.1
      Jamie / Jan 30 2012

      Thanks, Mo! I love it too, and that is definitely the best reason to make things. I have two more of these in the works for this year for my nephews based on colors from Mechanical Genius that I used in my FQS blog challenge. I think that having some simple 5″ square patchwork quilts are perfect for when I want to sew but am not sure what I want to make. Like the antidote to sewists block.

  3. 3
    Caroline / Jan 31 2012

    I have to ditto that last comment about the kids and the dog all snuggled up under the quilt. Such a perfect moment. Love the quilt. My next quilt will have to be a patchwork square one.

    • 3.1
      Jamie / Feb 12 2012

      Thanks. I am glad to report we spend many afternoons just like that!

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