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Jan 17 / Michael

This year/last year – Pond Edition

Just like I did the “wet summer” post (comparing how wet it was Summer 2011 versus Summer 2010), I thought I’d show a winter scene.  It was an exceptionally wet Summer and Fall, but Winter has thus far been devoid of snow* (not counting the snow we got in October).

Last year, January 27, 2011. The ducks and geese were keeping one section of the pond clear, and the snow was piled 2 feet high.

The ducks and geese at the snowy pond

Snowy picture

This year, January 16, 2012. Our pond only froze completely within the last week or so (last year it was frozen by mid-December) and there’s not a bit of snow to be seen.

Frozen pond


And because the kids got new ice skates from their grand parents for Christmas, we went out to test the skates on the ice today at lunchtime.

Ice Skating on the pond

*I wrote this post on January 16th.  Wouldn’t you know it, it ended up snowing overnight into the 17th.  It’s not all that impressive, just a couple slushy inches of snow, but our drought is officially over.

First snow of Winter


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    Sparrow K. / Jan 18 2012

    We’ve only been getting snow in spurts so far. It usually melts a few days later. We had rain yesterday, then a bit of snow overnight. Not that I’m complaining. You can keep the snow!

    It sure looks pretty in you pictures though. 🙂

  2. 2
    Michael / Jan 22 2012

    Well, that was a puny snow, but then we had 8-9 inches which came down rather constantly all day Saturday. We got busy building a snow fort.

    Building a Snow Fort

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