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Oct 30 / Michael

Massive Power Outages in Connecticut

Lots of towns are at 100%, mostly in the north and west.  We’re in the east and we were without power for at least several hours (wow!) from 6AM – ~1PM.  I hope power stays on.  With Irene, it was almost completely the opposite–with towns south and east tipping the scales at 100% (we were out of power for just shy of 7 days after Irene).

Massive power outages in Connecticut after Halloween Snowstorm

Connecticut outage map @ 2PM Sunday, October 30, 2011

For the latest reports, visit the CL&P outage page.


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    Robert Jordan / Oct 31 2011

    We have family (sister, partner, daughters 2 1/2 & 4 1/2) staying with us who live in Meriden, which I believe is 100% sans watts. I think we should start to make the move toward subterranean wires. All the aesthetic people are worried about us losing with cutting back the trees would be tipped back the other way when we not only keep the trees, but lose the wires. Long term job, but if it starts now, in 25 years it might be complete. Bury them wires!!!

  2. 2
    sally / Nov 2 2011

    This is crazy where I live the power has been out for four days. There has been little to no attempt to clean up the trees and power cords that lay in the road, and since getting a generator just isnt in the budget my family has been forced to live at someone else’s home due to the fact we might not be getting power for weeks and simply because we want to live. The shelter is pretty much full so we cannot go there. All our food has spoiled, and my dog is getting very sick due to the cold enviorment. I feel terrible for the people who have small children or elders that live with them and cannot afford a generater. If this is how it is going to be during the fall I cannot imagin how it is going to be when winter actually begins.

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