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Oct 29 / Michael

Happy Snowy Halloween

So we are in the middle of a freak October snowstorm. It essentially coincides with Halloween so I thought I’d post a picture of some Halloween-themed votives Jamie and the children made last week and some others of our crazy children playing in the snow. They love the snow so much even though we’ve gotten plenty the last couple years.

We’re ready to hunker down, though as of 10 o’clock Saturday night we still have power (a large swath of Connecticut is in the dark as I write this). We learned from Hurricane Irene (after which we were without power for 7 days) and have our new generator at the ready. We even went out yesterday and got some special activities for the children, including some Hello Kitty puzzles for Miss C and the classic game Operation for J–he loves it).


Freak Halloween snowstorm

Waiting for the first flakes.

Freak Halloween snowstorm


Freak Halloween snowstorm

Teamwork building a snowman with help from Zsaka.

Update: Sunday morning around 6AM we finally lost power. Right at the 720,000 outage mark for the state of Connecticut. We learned our lesson during Irene and have a generator running. We enjoyed playing in the snow Sunday morning.

Freak Halloween Snowstorm

Happy sledding children.

Update #2: Sunday by about 1PM we actually got our power back (we hope it lasts). Still, there are more than 800,000 households without power in Connecticut at the moment. We hope power is restored for everyone as soon as possible, but history proves it could be a while.

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