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Oct 2 / Michael

Pig Thieves

Pigs in mud

Our pigs after a mud bath

Some signs of the times. With pork prices spiking (“like copper a few years ago and gold”) thieves have taken to stealing pigs.

Here’s a story from Minnesota that has been reported in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal:

For the moment, as worried hog producers around the region pledged to strengthen their security systems and considered offering rewards to solve the string of cases, investigators in Iowa and Minnesota, which are among the nation’s top hog producers, were left with a tangle of complicated questions.

Was this all the work of a single roving band of pig thieves, or were they isolated incidents with separate culprits, all driven by the high price of pigs (which are going for about $200 apiece right now, and were even higher last month)?

And who would have enough experience with 270-pound pigs (a group that would not, for instance, simply march out of their barns with a whistle and a “come here, boy”) and sufficient equipment (at least a large livestock trailer) to pull off such heists?

We usually raise a couple pigs a year, so we’re not at the scale of these guys (some would say “factory” farms), but it’s still disheartening when people steal someone’s livelihood.

“My guess is that they’re bacon and pork chops already.”

We’ve enjoyed our pigs this year.  They go to the butcher in a week, so they, too, will soon be bacon and pork chops.

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