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Mar 18 / Michael


While technically a day early (the supermoon is actually tomorrow night, the 19th of March), we took advantage of the beautiful night to have our spring moon festival. We’re not too formal about things, mostly it just consists of having a campfire and sitting outside at night for a while.

J and I stayed a bit later than others…
Supermoon campfire

I took a decent, through the trees, picture of the near-supermoon with my trusty Canon S5.
Supermoon through tree branches

Lastly, here’s a long-exposure shot of the stars, themselves a gorgeous treat though the bright moon cut down on the number visible…
Starry Night

Note: all these pictures were taken with a 15 second exposure at +2ev (check the Exif data at Flickr if you want all the details).  I steadied the camera on a mini tripod and used a 10 second self-timer to make sure my clumsy hands didn’t mar the results.

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