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Mar 11 / Michael

Mud season

Mud season is squarely upon us. After our 2+ feet of snowpack melted over the last couple weeks and we’ve had numerous inches of rain over that same timeframe, it’s just what happens. Happens every year, some better some worse (Spring 2010 being notably wetter than most). We go from snow to mud to spring. My least favorite season. This year I decided I wouldn’t let it bother me. I’d be zen about the mud.

The geese for one love all the extra water!

Hi there!

The area by the coop is one of the muddier spots on our property that I have to regularly frequent–feeding and watering the chickens and rabbits.  There are some seasonal springs that start flowing this time of year.  I decided to build a pallet bridge as a walkway. Elegant in a ugly sort of way, if you ask me.

New bridge around the coop

So far so good as far as the zen thing is going (tall rubber boots help).  I just hope it doesn’t take too long to dry out this year.

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