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Mar 7 / Jamie

Behind the Scenes*

*For those loyal readers who are tired of all the crafty posts, I can assure you that once the weather improves and things start turning green again, we will have tons more farm related posts.  Until then…


I LOVE my google reader.  I have subscriptions to all of my favorite blogs and each day I can catch up with the creations of all of the other talented crafters out there.  Many of them are moms, like me.  They create beautiful things and then take beautiful pictures of them.  While I actually understand the logistics of the crafting (a minute here and there during the day and then a lot of work at night when little ones are asleep) it is the PHOTOS that blow me away.  I have such a hard time taking pictures of things.  Mike has a better eye and steadier hand in general, so usually I let him do it.

Miss C

But, today it was sunny and I had projects that I wanted to photograph before cutting up, mailing, passing on, etc so I took it upon myself to take the pics with the three kids all around.  Miss C was my most ardent helper, so what follows is all because of her.  The video gets turned mid-way (I know, I am so bad with shooting) but it is hysterical, especially her silly voice.  I was able to get the picture I wanted, and also a few others.  Enjoy!

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    Issa / Mar 7 2011

    I love the crafty posts! Although I’ll be happy to read the farm posts, too! I also marvel at the wonderful pictures in my RSS reader and wish I could take pictures as awesome as the others out there. I love your top picture with all the wonderful colors!

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