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Jan 28 / Jamie

Do you have outside jobs, or do you live off of your farm income?

We have outside jobs.  Mike works full-time from home as a computer consultant and Jamie works (very) part-time as a psychologist.  There is no way we could live off of the income generated from our farm even if it was our full-time job.  And honestly, we have no real interest in doing that.  For now, our goal is to raise meat for our family and sell shares to our friends so that all of our out-of-pocket expenses for the animals are paid for and the meat that we keep for our family is paid for by our time and effort.  Maybe someday when our children are older we will try to do more revenue generated work, like have a fruit and vegetable CSA, sell more meat, fiber, etc, but for now we are happy producing top quality food for ourselves.  Neither of us has any real interest in attending farmers markets, but we would someday love to host monthly farm workshops where people can come here and learn how to, for example, butcher a chicken, make jam, preserve vegetables, etc.  Any entrepenurial ventures our children might hope to start in the future will be fully supported by us.  For now, our farm is more of a hobby than a source of income.

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