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Jan 25 / Jamie

How much time do you spend per day on the animals?

It takes about 20 minutes/day in the winter and maybe twice that in the summer to care for the animals. During cold weather, all animals must be fed but water is less of an issue (except for the freezing of the ponds). We also only carry our breeding stock and maybe beef calves through the winter, so there are fewer animals to care for. During warm weather, the animals all graze (we also offer grain to our poultry, rabbits, and pigs) but water can be a bigger issue as they need more of it and it evaporates. Plus, we have more animals (chicks, pigs, rabbit poults, lambs, etc) meaning more time. Additionally, on average we also spend about half a day on the weekend doing some animals related chore. This includes cleaning out the coop, mucking the barn, butchering, taking the large animals to the butcher, fixing fencing, building housing, vet care, etc. Maybe one weekend/month we don’t do this type or task, and again it varies seasonally, but that is a good general figure.

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